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are's watching the station that works for you "good morning maryland." jackpot seems to grab are attention so now state leaders are hoping to use that to get you to pay attention to something else. we will explain. and political fund-raiser interrupt by a heckler what the man shouted to president obama and how the crowd reacted. and a trial that could last six weeks and state senator curry will be in baltimore court today. we will explain how that is going to go on this tuesday, september 27th. good morning. i am charley crowson. let's get to justin berk with a check of the tuesday forecast. let's look out there. can you see the haze. we don't have much daylight to work with yet. but we will take you back last couple hours and watch the fog get thick in annapolis. a little soupy for some of you especially by the water and let's go to baltimore. donald was asking about the
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fells point festival how the weather will be and we may have showers right now it's just fogin baltimore. but it will turn noticeably cooler. right now we will take you to oriole park. orioles trying to play spoiler last night. you have the update coming up in. >> do we have that again? >> something special happened at camden yards. stick around if you haven't heard. 69 degrees. at oriole park and just a little bit of fog around here. moderate to heavy rain from mount airy and union bridge and frederick county. locally isolated showers. we will develop more this afternoon. tape that umbrella and just keep it as part of your accessories for the next few days. we will talk about that next. how about the traffic. >> reporter: we have some debris reported on 195 near 95. not sure where it is but be careful if you are travel on 195. let's look at our live traffic cameras. 95 north of 195. no problems to report on the interstate. no problems to report between the beltway either.
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95 south of 195 is doing well also. jfx at 41st street overpass we have a little southbound volume. but no major issues to report. drive times are still okay for the most part. 83 southbound from shawan to the beltway five minutes and 95 southbound out of white marsh six minutes. outer loop is moving well between bel air and providence. the slowdown is from 795 to 70 that could take you up to 9 minutes. back to you. maryland's amber alert system is going to get a upgrade. amber alerts gets the words out about a missing or abducted child. this morning linda so is here with how new location cos go along way in getting the information shared -- locations could go a long way getting the information shared. >> reporter: we ethem on digital billboard but now the maryland lottery will get in on it. amber alotes letters will be post on lottery monitors across the state. it will be -- lot alerts will be posted on lottery monitors across the state. it will be at 4200 retailers
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across the state. aid joint effort with maryland state police to get word out more quickly about a migs or abducted child. later this morning at 10:30, the maryland lottery director and state police will make the announcement at lottery headquarters. linda so, amount bc2 news. family -- abc2 news. family and friends of a man shot by police say he shouldn't have died this way. police say nathaniel mccormick made a threatening 911 call and was holding a knife. was shot during a glass -- through a glass storm door. his familiar lane friends say he needed help. >> that's what they do to people that are mentally imbalanced and need help. they going to come shoot through the door and kl you because you are ding -- kill you because you are crying for help? police say officers are trained to handle situations like this but this enbecause they had to think about the safety first. the county state attorney's office is looking into the matter. a senior at a carver high
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school in baltimore -- carver vocational tech cool faces charges for allegedly bringing a gun to school. after a tip, a concerned citizen city schools police searched and found teen with a hand begun and the student what been charged as an adult and could be expelled from school. a lab experiment goes one at university of maryland and two students were hurt and the campus building evacuate after an explosion in chemistry lab. yesterday the las was experiment with nitric and sulfuric acid. firefighters put out the flames which were put in a trash can. two women have first and second degree burns but they are said to be in good condition. news around the nation a brutal fight at a florida high school and sight silence caught on tape. -- violence caught on tape. a student pumpels another student in the head. that victims get away and a deputy steps in but that's when the student turns the attack on the officer. now they are talking about possibly bringing stun guns back into the school. controversy at a high school on the football field in
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tennessee during a student oriented student led prayer. four coaches bowed their head with the students in prayer but didn't say a word. official say they crossed the line. according to the district policy staff can be there en student pray but can't appear to take part. the pole i -- policy came months aclu sued the district arguing it violated separate of church and state and pushed them to steer clear of a lawsuit some in theton says the district has gone too far. >> that's a violation of their rights. we should be able to bow our heads in reverence to god wherever we are. >> it's time we draw a line in the sand and say this is ridiculous. >> the school district says the coachs were not disciplineed and were educated on the district's policy. i want -- >> jesus christ is the wan and only true like god the creator of heaven and universe.
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>> a heckler interrupted the speech by president obama at the house of blues in los angeles last night. the man's outburst was met withboost and the crowd erupted in chants of four more yearsch man was escorted from the premises. 6:35 and the holidays can be an expensive time and we do all we can to get extra cash. macy's says you can apply for a job with them if you want. work may be seasonal but it could end up being long-term. we will explain. and the ateption on the course in one of these. check that -- attention on the course in one of these a custom paint job and hydraulics and it's a golf cart. you are watching "good morning maryland" first and only at 4:30 on this tuesday september 27th.
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6:39 a live look at u.s.
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capitol. batth battle may not be over. the senate released a bill to release 2 mill crop dollars in fema disaster fund to avoid a government shutdown friday. but it's not certain when the house will vote on the legislation. since it's a week long break we are in. look for work? macy's plans to fill 78,000 temporary spots for the holiday season. the company needs to staff macy's and bloomingdale's store. call sent and distribution centers and warehouses. most position are part-time but the company says in some cases it could lead to permanent work. this could be a cool christmas gift. honey listen up if you are watching at home. golf carts are not just for getting around the green. a texas business is taking the cart design to the extreme. fitting the vehicles with special kind of gadgets. >> whatever you can imagine, we will build it. if you want big stereo, you want a custom paint job or flames, you want big wheels and tires, we can do it.
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>> you want the flames don't you? the carts start around 9500 but the most expensive can cost $23,000. news time 6:40. justin al wild card collapse is complete. red sox have baltimore's to thank for it. boston start in tie with tampa bay rays and wild card race is two games remaining on the season. on the's won 6-3 -- the o's won 6-3 and our producer was at the game and got to see a little piece of history. first inside the park home run by a oriole remember that. they are in tie boston and tampa two games remaining. game 2 of this series tonight first pitch 7:05. flames and smoke filled the baltimore skies after a fire. what's left behind. sherrie. >> reporter: firefighters are still on the scene of a massive fire that broke out yesterday
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in northwest baltimore. i am sherrie johnson and i will have all new information on the latest details coming up. >> reporter: how safe are crib bumper pads. an important announcement later today about if you should use them in your baby's cribs. remember hurricane irene? the cost of cleaning up the storm may cost you on your next bill. that story is coming up. 6:42. we have air quaffs fog and maryland's most power pull -- areas of fog and maryland's most powerful radar rain is knock on the door. >> reporter: slowing down top side and west side of the beltway. good morning maryland continues in a moment.
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this is your abc2 now is to go let's get to it. checking the forecast with meteorologist justin berk. >> heavy rain right now. i think there's a last cell that may clip you in westminster. most of it has been to the west tonietown and north side heading up to littletown and adamstown, prk a. getting
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rocked with rain and up 15 towards thurmont got hit with the rainfall. a shower is generating near columbia and ellicott city and my friends in annapolis are dry but i think you will get more showers. they are mainly isolated and we go from a muggy 70 even areas of fog tanya will show you in a moment to 80 and widespread showers and storms developing later today through tonight. tanya. >> reporter: we have an accidentwith an unoccupied bus. looking at the beltway, we have the volume at frederick road slow between reisterstown road and edmonton. top side slow from harford to charles street. back to you. flames erupt and smoke poured out of belvedere tire company and ashy cloud covered the skyline. breaking news last night at 6, the moke is cleared and the shop destroyed but firefighters are still -- smoke is cleared and the shop destroyed but the firefighters are still on the scene. sherrie johnson has the latest. >> reporter: we have all new
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information this morning. i got to tell you the firefighters have been out here all night long. they got out here at four when the fire originally started. and they are still out here on the scene. right now, they are trying to pu out the hot spot. that's the main -- put out the hot spot. that's the main factor. basically, on the second floor there was a partial building collapse. and there's an area that is pancaked in where some of the hot spots and fire is left. that's what they are trying to get to. they have hoses out here that are lining the streets putting water around that area. so basically waiting on the city to bring in some heavy equipment to lift some of the building's parts up to get in and put the rest of the fire out. right now they are keeping the hot spots cool right now waiting on that equipment. but basically, yesterday, the flames were something to see and the smoke could be seen across the area. so thick it covered the skyline. the shop located in the 4100 block of west belvedere avenue.
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it's destroyed and once again, crews are waiting on some heavy equipment to come in and put out the remainder of the hot spots. reporting live in northwest baltimore, sherrie johnson, abc2 news. 6:44. they sacrificed so much and now it's the community's turn to give back. first time baltimore city fire fighters will hold a memorial for fallen firefighters. baltimore's international association of firefighters is hosting a crab feast in honoring those who lost their lives in the line of duty. it is happening tonight at 6 at the baltimore museum of industry on key highway. opening statements are expected today in the case against a state senator accused of using his influence to benefit a grocery store chain. prosecutors say eu list sis curry was paid nor than $245,000 from a shoppers food warehouse between 2002 and 08 to use influence to do favors for the company. he is charged with bribery and other offenses. well were you one of thousands left in the dark for days following hurricane irene? bge says restoring power is
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going to cost them millions. 81 of them to be exact. as a result, there's talks of passing the expenses onto you. but first, they will let you voice your concerns. corinne redman is live with where you can speak up tonight. corinne. >> reporter: well, charley, there is talk of a bge possible rate hike due to hurricane irene. and the company says they may need your help in paying for it. so, the company says that customers will help pay for the cost associated with hurricane irene. they report spending 81 million dollars to replace electrical and transform -- poles and transformers and paying crews to work overtitle. many customers say they are not happy about this news and they are he calling for the company's executives to surrender their bonuses so cash strapped customers don't have to dig deeper. >> we have had it'd and we will get out here again and get organized and get poe tigss and we will go to the public service commission and planning
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-- poe tigss and we will go out to the public service commission and planning protest. >> reporter: they will have a hearington at baltimore county office building here behind me at 7 tonight. you can also voice your opinion about the possible rate hikes. reporting live, corinne redman, abc2 news. lawmakers union leaders and advocates will join organizations today to figure out something about the crisis at the u.s. postal service. it is a campaign called save america's postal service a national day of action. it is in response to a pros posal to close thousands -- proposal to close off thousands of post office and lay off employeesch postal service is broke and some say the cuts are the only way to survive. today's rally is at noon at the baltimore teachers union. if you've baby or expecting one important news. later today, top state health officials will make important
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announcement about the safety of crib bumper pads and linda so is here to explain. linda. >> reporter: maryland has been considering banning the sell of bumper pads. no official decision has been announced but that could be changing later this morning when the state's top health officials will be meeting to make an important announcement. that announcement will entail what's next in the state's investigation into the safety of bumper pads. some studies have linked dozens of infant deaths to the crib bumpers from suffocation. the makers of crib cushion say they help prevent babies from hitting their heads. health department secretary will be joined by the chief medical examiner and other local health officials to talk about the state's investigation. after that meeting, he says he will announce the state's position on bumper pads. that will take place at 11 this morning. we will be there for the announcement and bring you the latest online and on air. linda so, abc2 news. >> consume air remember the
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this morning. heap incorporate is recalling 55 -- [audio not understandable] country style pork and binder products. some people say they found metal shavings in the meat. and it was shipped to 12 states including maryland. there's been no reports of injuries. for information on the recall or other recalls go to we have a list of everything you need to know. five things to know before heading out the door this morning. president obama is headed to denver visiting abraham linkson high school. there will be a highlighting of the american jobs act proposal to put work he is on the job and rebuilding and modernizing schools acoughs cross the country. health news now. 48% of the americans taking prescription meds say they would cut health cost by putting off a doctor's visit, medical procedure or ordering cheaper drugs according to a survey regarding prescription drug use in overall patient spending. boeing's 787 dream liner will finally be delivered to
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the customer. a ceremony will take place today in washington then the plane will depart for japan. after three years of delays and billions of dollars, the 787 dream liner is finally taking off and boeing says they are excited to see it leave. and a new one of the nation's busiest facilities. it's being installed this morning a 16 year veteran of the department of public and correctional services. and in an effort to encourage young people to get physically active, the ravens will host a football clinic today from 4 to 6. it will take place at a field on tune avenue and include instructions and music and appearances by poe and the cheerleaders. a basketball court will get a major upgrade thanks to under armour. it's a new sports court with rubber surface with the under armour lowing yo and baltimore city flags and state flag many it will have regulation nba
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size hoops and the state of the art equipment will be unveiled later this afternoon. justin. now maryland's most powerful doppler radar and the forecast certified most accurate by weatherate. >> 6:53. son dray said they had a big downpour in laurel and i am watching the radar and it was one blip on the west side. but perhaps it dumped for five minutes that. shower north of ellicott city and falling apart. but really heavy stuff sitting north and west. looks like westminster got hit. some spotty downpours in carroll county rolling up towards adams and parts of york county and pa. frederick connedy along -- county has had periodic showers and some are heavy stuff and not much going around on around the beltway. there's the main storm sitting and spinning across the upper midwest it's tapping off the east coast. we missed out on most of the stuff since sunday but i think we will get the last little pun wheel to pull the moisture into
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the storm as the the pattern moves itself off to the east. it's currently stalled. we have showers this morning in our in-house model has not picked up on it. take this with grain of salt. there will be more showers this afternoon but the mainline back into the mountains watch what happens though as it taps into the feed off the atlantic. that's why i think we will pull in some heavier rains and especially through the overnight. that's 3 a.m. time stamp tomorrow morning and we will have the same moisture bull's eye on central maryland. we could have downpours and we have the record wettest september and we will add to that as we go into the next few days. we will keep the showers around as a pattern starts to relax and pull the cool air here this weekend. 80 today, and plan for showers and heavier downpours continuing tonight at 67, 81 tomorrow and we drop in the 70s and again hold on to the threat of hours even with the chilly air on saturday. only 62. and as we clear it out lows will drop into the lower 40s and into the weekend. tanya. >> reporter: 95 southbound at eastern avenue we have a report
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of a disabled vehicle there. so be careful as you pass. the name of the game is just fog. we are dealing with a lot of it top side and west side. 695 at frederick road you can see the fog. traffic on the outer loop. you will have slow traffic off and on between 795 and edmonston. top side of the beltway you can hardly see the cars through there at providence road. we have slowdowns on and off to charles treat as well. with the next story i am a dog lover. >> this is all you. >> reporter: and i am so happyyou've happy end. >> you get to read this. >> reporter: traffic came to a stop in portland organ but not because of an accident. that's a dog to blame. look at that pooch he is running in and out of traffic along the freeway. cars at a standstill but someone caught the dog and reunited it with its owner which i always love to hear. >> how could you like to have traffic cams on that. >> reporter: that would be
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quick. >> he was quick. >> shifty. good morning america up to new york now have a great day.
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